Name It To Tame It, Feel It To Heal It

Name It To Tame It, Feel It To Heal It

Name it to tame it, Feel it to heal it. What we hide, we can’t heal. You are not your feelings. Practice Full Range Of Emotions. 💫

There will be times in life when you find yourself in a situation of despair, depression, anxiety, or any other negative emotion. But you either sit with it and try to understand the message and the wisdom it comes with, or you suppress it and forget who your true self is.

Unfortunately, suppressing negative emotions will only lead to experiencing more profound and more prolonged negative emotions and emotional dysfunction. The emotions are telling you: “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Trying to be happy and positive all the time is a form of avoidance and not the solution to life’s problems. Life ain’t about walking on a rainbow, in seventh heaven, 365 days per year, for 80+ years.

Instead, be grateful when all these teachers, a.k.a. “negative emotions,” come and visit. The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. Practice Full Range Of Emotions. 💫

I want to coach and help men that struggle with connecting with themselves and their emotions. If I hide my emotions, I can’t share. And if I can’t share, I can’t help other men. And that’s what I ultimately want to do.

If you as a man feel touched by this message and can resonate, and want to know more: then head over to And if you like what you’re reading, we’ll set up a discovery call and take it from there. No strings attached. 🙏🏽❤️💫

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