If You Don’t Promote Yourself, Nobody Else Will.

If You Don’t Promote Yourself, Nobody Else Will.

It’s that simple, and that’s something I’ve failed at. Tremendously. I am my own biggest obstacle.

I am ashamed of that, but I have no shame in putting it here for you to read.

I don’t struggle with promoting myself when I meet people in real life, but I have become shy about doing it in the digital world. Shy of getting attention.

I have a massive resistance to self-promotion and to social media in general. I know that SoMe is not the only place to promote yourself, but it’s great for reaching a bigger audience and getting attention. It also depends on what you’re doing as a profession. In my case, I feel it’s vital to be on social media for the endeavors I want to achieve.

I often think: If I were as consistent, determined, and disciplined as I am with my health & fitness regime but with promoting what I do and my vocation, where would I be? 🤯 It’s time to change that.

My focus is helping others achieve a better quality of life through physical health, fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

Wellness Coaching

I am training private clients 1-on-1 and group training for corporate clients in person here in Stockholm. I will also start taking clients online again and offer online coaching.

Bro Retreats

A wellness retreat for men focusing on embracing vulnerability. Besides having retreats here in Sweden, I want to host retreats in more parts of Europe and other parts of the world. I also want to host plant medicine (psychedelics) retreats for men in countries where it’s legal.


I offer two great lectures to corporate clients.

About our physical health: Take Care Of Your One And Only Body. Your Life May Depend On It.

About our mental health: A Bully Called Benny. Taming Your Inner Critic.

That said, I will improve at being present online and offering valuable content. It’s time to remove myself as the obstacle.

If I caught your interest in anything of the above or you’re curious to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙏🏽