Full Range Of Emotions

Full Range Of Emotions

A Brotherhood Where Vulnerability Meets Strength Through Courage.

I decided to create a Facebook Group for men. A judgmental-free space where we men can and should openly talk about our emotions and mental health issues that we carry, instead of keeping them to ourselves. Through this group, we are determined to empower each other with the support we will give each other. I want to build a tribe of brave, courageous, and vulnerable men. Together we are stronger. Together we will be able to help more men that suffer in the silence. Together we will save lives.

Vulnerability buys freedom. It will set you free. Free from your demons, your mental garbage that you might have piled up for years. It gives you strength. Strength to move forward in life. Stop hurting yourself by keeping everything to yourself. Let it out. You need to take that first step and progress forward. Little by little, you will become more courageous, more self-confident to talk about this. The more you will realize what a relief and liberation it is.

As much as I always encourage "Full Range Of Motion" during an exercise when I train my clients, I want us to do the same with our Emotions.

So much of the pain of negative emotions is our resistance to feeling it. We men might be great at allowing ourselves to feel the positive emotions fully. But we suck when it comes to feeling the negative ones fully. Instead, we should recognize, acknowledge, and accept them and not suppress, hide, and feel shameful about them.

I Was In So Much Denial

I was in so much denial before. I didn't think I suffered from depression. It was just a slight downer I experienced, I thought. Even though these down-periods evolved to pretty long ones, I still wouldn't acknowledge it. Nope, I didn't have that. I'm great. I'm doing all the things I want. I have a beautiful family and a ridiculous amount of amazing friends. Me? Noooo.

It took me so long to accept that I finally had it and to embrace it. And to finally also be able to share it. Please don't deny it. Don't numb it, whether it's alcohol, drugs, or food. I've seen so many people numbing it with these substances. Fleeing reality, fleeing the pain we have inside. Instead, we need to look inside. Dare to do that inner-work that is so necessary for you to start the healing process. And it begins with self-awareness and mindfulness.

As Thich Nhat Hanh wrote:

After recognizing and embracing our inner child, the third function of mindfulness is to soothe and relieve our difficult emotions. Just by holding this child gently, we are soothing our difficult emotions, and we can begin to feel at ease. When we embrace our strong emotions with mindfulness and concentration, we'll be able to see the roots of these mental formations. We'll know where our suffering has come from. When we see the roots of things, our suffering will lessen. So mindfulness recognizes, embraces, and relieves.

Are you one of these men? Or you, as a reader, might know a man in this position? Then please, don't hesitate even for a second: Join me/Send them my way.

The website address is www.fullrangeofemotions.com

Once again, to clarify: It's a Facebook group that will require you to have a Facebook account, and it's only for men. 🙏🏽❤️💫