Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Are you based in Stockholm, Sweden?

I offer in-person 1-on-1 Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching to clients based in Stockholm. (I also provide this remotely to anyone around the world. Send me an email if interested.)

I have a dedicated passion for health and human development. I believe it is essential to envision this development from a holistic perspective. Exercise and Nutrition come hand in hand when it involves your well-being.

Other factors, such as how much rest you get, your daily stress levels, and your mental health, all play a part in how you feel. My goal is to educate and encourage you to develop a healthy relationship with your mind and body to become the best version of yourself.

Our body is undoubtedly the easiest and the most accessible piece of workout equipment to use anywhere, anytime.

I will not teach you any magical formula or follow a specific diet for Nutrition. Instead, I will teach you mindful eating and create awareness around your eating.

It's not about becoming a nutrition expert or nerd ourselves down into the latest nutrition science. Instead, we will focus more on better understanding proper Nutrition, finding balance, creating sustainability, and optimizing our bodies and minds in the best way possible.

I am here to simplify and clear out all the "fuzz" that we, unfortunately, have today regarding what we should eat. There is an overwhelming, almost infinite amount of information on what to eat, not to eat, diets, etc., out thereā€”no wonder we get confused.

I train my clients at a semi-private studio in Stockholm city. You will have access to a shower, towel service, and all the necessary toiletries to continue your day.


  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Health Coaching

15+ years of experience.

My rate is 1250 SEK per hour/session.

Please shoot me an email, and I will gladly jump on a phone call to discuss the details and get to know you!