What Does It Take?

What Does It Take?

Short answer:

I invested in myself through Discipline & Consistency. That's what it takes.

A bit longer answer:

I've been active in sports, specifically basketball, since I was a kid. Working out at the gym for the past 25 years, trying most types of training methods, diets, ways of eating, fasting, you name it. Initially, I aspired to look like and compare myself to other well-trained people like I think we all do. I wanted to look good naked in my early years of training like most of us want.

But for the past ten years, I've had myself as the most significant reference and motivation. I always strive to be better each year. In the later years, it's been all about improving my overall health. Looking good naked is a bonus that comes with it.

Do you know why most people fail?

Because they want the quick fix. They're not willing to grind and hustle for years to get to where they want to be. They're jumping on fad diets and juice cleanses to lose a couple of pounds of water weight that they gain back as soon as they return to their regular eating.

Understand that it takes time!

Sometimes results come quickly, and other times, they take years. The physique you see today took me a long-ass time to achieve. Discipline, Consistency, Healthy Eating, Forming Great Habits, Improving my Behaviors towards Movement and Nutrition is what got me here.

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