✨ Meditation✨

✨ Meditation✨

Last week I finished the 28-day Introductory Course by Sam Harris' app Waking up. I've now been doing Mindful Meditation as part of my morning routine for 37 days straight.

And all I have to say is: WOW! Before, I thought the form of meditation, when you sit down with closed eyes for X amount of time in complete silence or guided, was not my jam and never would be. My "meditation" was stretching, running, and working out, and still is today.

But there's something so freaking powerful when you sit there with closed eyes, and it's only you and your breath. That's it, just full-blown awareness. And it's not to try to sit there without one single thought passing by; it's acknowledging the thought and let it pass through. And the moment you fly away a bit in your thoughts, you just come back to your breathing and the present moment. Magical.

I now start to understand when they say that very experienced meditators and yogis can achieve a pretty similar level of altered state of consciousness as when you're on a Psychedelic Trip. 👁

I'm thinking, why in the hell didn't I do this BEFORE?! I've tried in the past, but it just didn't stick. I do believe that if I would've given it a serious try like I did this time, it would've stuck. Also, I think that you need to (kind of) be ready mentally, which I wasn't. I tried Calm and Headspace, the two more prominent players on the market. Even though they're beautiful (especially Calm) and has a lot of fantastic stuff to offer, I feel they're too commercial. But that's just my point of view.

I want to thank Sam Harris and the Waking Up App for helping my consciousness realize that I needed this so much! Grateful for what it has been giving me so far. 🙏🏽♥️💫