Bro Retreats 2.0 ✅

Bro Retreats 2.0 ✅

Are you, as a man, with dos cojones, ready to embrace Vulnerability? 💫

Then welcome to Bro Retreats. Where men embrace… you guessed it right: Vulnerability.

Elevate your life and embark on a transformative journey. Break down barriers and build bridges with like-minded men.

Our mission is clear: To provide a supportive space for men where Vulnerability leads to self-discovery, genuine connections, personal growth, and emotional strength.

Together, we create an epic weekend with workouts, breathwork, cold/ice baths, sauna, long walks, runs, workshops, amazing food, and most importantly–– that vulnerable deep talk. ♥️🔥

I am now opening up two more retreats this fall, one in October and one in November. 🍂

Location: Järvsö, 3.5 north of Stockholm.

As a man reading this, are you interested in joining one of these retreats?

As a woman reading this, do you have a boyfriend, husband, or male friend you think would be interested in joining one of the retreats? If so, please send them my way!

Email us at to a schedule a discovery call.