Be Unapologetically Yourself

Be Unapologetically Yourself
Why be a pigeon in a cage when you can be an eagle?

What if you can be Unapologetically Yourself as much as you can? How liberating wouldn't that be?!

It's a choice. A choice everyone can make, every time we wake up in the morning and say: Today, I will be unapologetically myself.

If you look up "unapologetic" in the dictionary, you will find two definitions. One underlines absence, and another emphasizes presence:

1. Refusal to express remorse or regret

2. Sense of strength and pride in being your true self

This post has nothing to do with not apologizing or saying you're sorry. We should all be able to forgive. It's the second point I'm referring to.

When did we stop being kids?

Look at young kids: They are unapologetically themselves all the time. Until they start to get steered, formed, and affected by parents, teachers, and society, they get labeled and put into boxes. I'm not saying behavior and education aren't necessary when we're kids; that's how we learn and grow. But my point is that we tend to lose our true self over the years altogether, and we often hit that midlife crisis.

I believe it has to do with us trying to fit in society, seek approval, suppress emotions, and fear being excluded from the "tribe" if we say, do, act the way we want to.

When we reach our 20's, 30's, 40's, and so on, how many different masks have we put on and worn? So many fake avatars that we tried on.

Being our true self has become even more difficult because of the online presence most of us have. The fakeness and inauthenticity become even more staggering.

I don't believe that a person has set out to be fake or inauthentic, at least in most cases. Instead, it's something we unintentionally do to (as I said above) fit in and avoid the fear of being judged.

Sadly, we go on in life and die, not being our true selves.

"Birds born in a cage, think flying is an illness." - Alejandro Jodorowsky

Let us learn and explore. Let us try, fail and grow. Let us be emotional and vulnerable. Let us question things. Let us dream. Let us fly and be free. What if we let ourselves love ourselves for who we are, not despite it?

How can you be more unapologetically yourself?

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