In case you’re interested and wondering what’s going on in my life. On this page, which I will update from time to time, you will get a glimpse of what I’m up to right now and what I’m focused on lately. More about what's happening can be found on my blog and social media channels.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now Page Movement.

Recent ⌛


  • Jag kan ha fel - Björn Natthiko Lindblad. One of the best books I’ve read! Exist in English as well: I Might Be Wrong.
  • Min vän Björn - Navid Modiri.

Watching: Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix. I’m a big fan of Graham Hancock and his work.

Now ⏳

Reading: The Midnight Library - Matt Haig

Studying: Italian on Duolingo. Next will be French or Portuguese.

Listening: Dopamine Nation - Anna Lembke

Writing: I have found a new love for writing. I journal everyday. And my plan is to share more about what I have on my mind on my blog.

Quote I’m pondering:

“It seems to me, the more refined forms of happiness are characterized by the absence of things, rather than the presence of things.” - Ajahn Jayasaro

Location: Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

Upcoming 🔮

Public Speaking: I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Coming out and talk about Mental Health and Depression.

Retreats: Looking into hosting wellness retreats in Costa Rica of fall/winter 2023.

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