Full Range Of Emotions

Full Range Of Emotions
A space for men to become strong and resilient through Wellness, Self-Awareness, and Vulnerability. An area where men find their true potential within themselves.

I take on a small group of men where I offer 1-on-1 coaching calls in the realm of Wellness, Self-Awareness, and Vulnerability.

This is a judgmental-free space where you and I can openly talk about your emotions and mental health issues that you carry instead of keeping them to yourself. Through these calls, I am determined to empower you with the support and tools you need to find your true potential within yourself.

All ups and downs in life are based on our Emotions. Learning how to manage our emotions is everything.

As much as I always encourage clients to perform an exercise with a "Full Range Of Motion" when they work out, I want us to do the same with our Emotions.

So much of the pain of negative emotions is our resistance to feeling them.

We men might be great at fully letting ourselves feel positive emotions. But we suck when it comes to feeling the negative ones fully. Instead, we should acknowledge, accept and embrace them and not suppress, hide, and feel shameful about them.

We have to Identify the problem, we need to Feel the problem, and then we need to Fix the problem.

And feeling it is where we fail, where it breaks the chain. We go from identifying it to fixing it directly. And the "fix it" usually is: Sweeping it under the rug, escaping from it, ingesting drugs, prescription pills, food, alcohol, distracting ourselves by chasing women, instant gratifications from social media, hobbies, and other stuff.

Will the actual problem go away doing those things? Temporarily, maybe. Long-term, no. We numb ourselves. We are fleeing reality, fleeing the pain we have inside. Instead, we need to look inside ourselves. Dare to do that inner work that's so necessary for us to start the healing process. Self-Awareness and Mindfulness are going to play a massive part in this. So is Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Recovery, Stress Management, Self-Compassion, Vulnerability, Emotions, Relationships, and Communication.

Do you feel identified with, or have recently gone through, some of the things mentioned below?

  • Midlife crisis
  • ADHD
  • Divorce
  • Got Cheated On Big Time
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-Doubts
  • Never Feeling Good Enough
  • Self-Hatred
  • Constantly Sleeping Around With Different Women
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal
  • Start a New Life From Scratch
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Procrastination
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Difficulties Understanding Your Emotions
  • And The List Can Be Longer…

All these things I've listed, I've gone through, and some I am still going through. And the list can be longer, but I'll stop here. I'm saying this for you to know that I'm not just talking the talk; I've actually walked the walk. I do not claim to have "the perfect answers or solutions." This coaching is based on my real-life experiences, what has worked for my clients and me, and what I believe will work for you.

You see, I was there myself. For the larger part of my adult life (I was born in 1978), I've struggled with Mental Health issues, Anxiety, and, specifically, Depression. I've numbed myself with copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. I slept around with tons of women searching for some false dignity. I was distracting myself with all kinds of things. I never wanted to acknowledge my depression and the other abovementioned struggles. Instead, I was confident I could go to war with my inner demons, not realizing it would just put me further and deeper into those dark holes. I've probably been in most of the darkest holes and places that exist in a human brain, where the amount of light was the size of a breadcrumb, to the point of being suicidal countless times.

It all comes down to how to manage your emotions. You know, the ones we men are so great at sweeping under the rug.

All these things on the list are or can be triggers that get you on an emotional rollercoaster. That spirals down into a deeper emotional state, feeling anxiety or making you go into a depression.

Throughout the years, I started flipping every stone possible, not leaving any emotion un-dealt with. I've also done a tremendous amount of personal work on all the topics covered we'll cover during these calls. All this has led me to become strong and resilient.

And that leads us to the following question:

Why do I offer this?

To help men like myself, to you who might read this and feel like you can identify yourself with some of the things I'm saying.

It all stems from my own story and struggles. Unfortunately, there is still too much stigma around men being vulnerable and talking about emotions, and I want to change that. I have reached the opposite end of that field. In other words, I can, without hesitation, openly and vulnerably talk about any emotions and other "sensitive" stuff. And I want you to reach that level as well.

It is so rare to see a man being vulnerable and talking about emotions. It's related to being weak. Not manly enough. When in fact, it's the opposite. That's courage, pure strength, and showing some fucking balls!

We men often believe we should be able to do everything independently. We have difficulty asking for help and hiding signs of imperfection or weakness.

Men lose themselves because in their life up to this point, they define themselves by being a husband, provider, father, job title, and the amount of money they have, stuff. All those things are outside of themself. I'm here to help bring them back to themselves and acknowledge who they are.

You only need to know the direction, not the destination. The direction is enough to make the next choice. To find a better path, you must be willing to explore a different path. That sounds simple, but how often do you try something different?

My mission with these 1-on-1 calls is to provide you with the necessary tools to kickstart your journey to a higher self, to trust the process, and to become the ultimate version of yourself!

Who are these calls for?

To answer that, I will ask you the same question again: Do you feel identified with some of the things I've mentioned above? If the answer is Yes, then these coaching calls are for you.

This is for men who want to get in touch with themselves and find their true potential within themselves.

You are stuck; maybe you hit that midlife crisis. You have come to a point where you feel your life is not going anywhere, and you're on autopilot mode—work, family, relationships, troubling connecting the dots. I will help you connect the dots. To make what seems complicated simple.

You struggle mentally and emotionally. You might suffer from depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed in general, or suck at prioritizing and taking care of yourself.

A man who wants a sense of who they are.

A man who has suppressed his emotions to fit society's view of masculinity.

Still not sure? I will have a free 20 min discovery call, no strings attached, with all my possible clients before they hire me. To make sure I can help you and that we are a good fit for each other, but also for you to eliminate any doubts and get all the answers to your questions.

How it works:

We can do this in person if you live in the Stockholm area, or we do it remotely through Zoom (to anyone around the world).

The sessions are 60 minutes each.

My rate is 1450 SEK per hour/session.

Are You Ready?

By resisting what is, you prolong what will be. So, are you ready to grow some real fucking pair of cojones? Then send me an email by hitting the button below, and tell me a bit about yourself and why you want to work with me. After that, we will schedule a 20 min discovery call and take it from there.

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